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Containers+consolidated cargo by rail from China to Europe

Containers+consolidated cargo by rail from China to Europe


Our service for you

As an alternative to Ocean- and Air-Cargo tibbett+britten unique offer a shuttle train service fromChina to Europe and vice-versa for both, full container loads (FCL) and consolidated cargo (LCL) shipments.

On the primary leg, from terminal in Far East to terminal in Europe, the containers are transported on block trains, on the secondary leg, from terminal Europe to final destination, by road truck. Thanks to the trains regular departures a very short and highly reliable overall transit time is realized.

Your goods on proven trails


  • Several trains depart weekly from various terminals in China to Europe, using three alternative routings – the transsiberian, the transkasachian or the transmongolian route whichever is more favorable at the time of transport.

  • Approximately 12'500 km from origin to western Europe.

Total transit time

  • 19 – 22 days



New service for you

40' Full Container Loads (FCL) and consolidated shipments (LCL) from source to final destination. Regular status reports are monitoring the actual progress of your goods.



  • From point of origin in Switzerland and Central Europe via Poland to final destination in China

Transit time

  • 21 – 27 days


Further information

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Lithium batteries

New service for you

Lithium batteries are considered dangerous good, UN code 3480, HS-code No. 850760! Further HS-numbers on request.

Straightforward DGR – procedures! Jet-Rail can accept lithium batteries to be transported as consolidated cargo (LCL).



  • From terminal China via Poland, delivered to final destination in Switzerland or Central Europe

Transit time

  • 18 – 22 days


Further information

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Refrigerated transport

New service for you

We operate temperature controlled 45' containers from Switzerland and Central Europe to terminal China. Refrigeration up to – 25° is provided on the entire routing.



  • Reefer container provided at point of origin in Switzerland or Central Europe. Rail transport to terminal Suzhou in China. Delivery by reefer truck to any destination in China.

Transit time

  • 22 – 27 days


Further information

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Calculation example 1, LCL

Calculation example 2, FCL 40’ HQ

Calculation example 3, LCL


Good reasons to your advantage

Faster than ocean freight

  • Jet-Rail is considerably faster than ocean freight. The bottle necks in European ports, which can cause considerable and uncontrollable delays beyond our control and influence, are avoided.

Cheaper than airfreight

  • Jet-Rail is approximately 30% - 50% cheaper than airfreight.



  • Jet-Rail enjoys a very favorable CO-2 balance - reflecting positively on your overall image.

Fixed rates

  • Non-volatile rates at Jet-Rail allow you to calculate your transport costs at long term.

Secure and reliable

    • Jet-Rail service distinguishes itself with high stability and reliability. Facts supporting you in your endeavor  to optimize your supply chain.


Independent of weather conditions

  • Jet-Rail is not depending on weather conditions and operates reliably, year over.

Optimize your investments

  • With shorter transit time and highly reliable service, Jet-Rail enables you to decrease your capital tied up in your supply chain.


Full service package


  • Part loads (LCL) in consolidated containers, full container loads (FCL) in dedicated 20', 40' and 40'HQ containers.

Trading area / Transport

  • Dedicated shuttle trains run on weekly schedule from China to Europe.

Feeder service

  • For both, LCL and FCL shipments. Our local agents organize and take the responsibility for the feeder service from source to the respective cargo terminal.



  • The same documents as required by airfreight or oceanfreight (customs invoices and packing lists) are required for Jet-Rail. Shipments to Switzerland require a certificate of origin to enjoy duty free import under the Sino-Swiss free trade agreement.

Customs clearance

  • Similar to airfreight or oceanfreight, our local agent is taking care of Chinese export customs clearance. Swiss import customs clearance is organized by tibbett+britten unique. Similar to airfreight or oceanfreight, the charges for export and import clearance are at shipper's respective consignee's account, as per INCO-terms. individually agreed upon between buyer and seller.



  • FCL shipments are delivered via rail terminal Basel. LCL shipments are delivered by road truck from Warsaw to consignee's address / warehouse in Switzerland.


  • Daily status reports can be supplied.


  • Upon request and order tibbett+britten unique can arrange for coverage of a door-door transport insurance.


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